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WESTCOAST-COMPUTERS is focused on prompt professional courteous service of your

desktop, laptops/notebooks, tablets computers and cell phone service

(including laptop LCD/screen repairs)


We are focused on supporting seniors by providing the highest quality personal computer service,

support plus technology teaching and guidance in this rapidly changing world.


Our mission is to provide our customers with top quality computer service at a reasonable & affordable price

for our services.


Next time your computer slows down or starts to show signs of infection to your desktop, laptop

tablet or cell phone

remember to call 1-250-702-2222


to speak with one of our technicians to help and discuss a plan to get you computer system back-up

and working 100%.


or email at

Computer tune- up

Complete removal of:


Viruses and malware

spyware and  hacking tools


 Windows optimization


Complete and thorough registry cleaning for performance


ALL this can be at your




                       price: $75.00

Reset to factory settings

When you have more serious virus issues, corrupted files, black screen or the computer has not had service in sometime


it is more cost effective to:


back up all your data (document, pics, emails,)


format the hard drive

(or install new SSD hard drive)


reinstall a fresh copy of windows


reinstall all original software


virus/internet security


re install of all clients data


You also receive your data backed up  on DVD,s or flash drive

                        Price: $140.00          

Technology teaching for seniors

We provide the highest quality personal computer,support + technology teaching and guidance in this rapidly changing world.


The personal one-on-one training is non-rushed, comfortable, easy to understand


The computer training consists of a set 9 courses

1)  Computer Basics


2) Introduction to Windows 10


3) Internet usage and security


4) Different types of email


5) Microsoft Word


6) Microsoft Teams (video meetings)


7) Zoom (video meetings)


8) VPN's (Virtual Private Network)

     (for full virus, malware &

       ransomware security)


          Price: $35.00 per hour

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