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My name is Joyce Kellock, I am 92 years old I met Bruce Menzies at the bus stop across the street from my apartment. We started talking and at that time I was in need of a computer tune up and I needed some help learning how to use my computer and my new tablet as I am new to technology.


Bruce was able to tune up my computer making my computer faster. Bruce also came over to my apartment another time and was very good at teaching me how a computer worked, retrieved most of my passwords that i had forgotten and also wrote down the user names and passwords on a paper next to my computer.


I feel very comfortable having Bruce Menzies in my home and have recommended Bruce to other seniors and staff within my assisted living facility. He was professional, courteous and patient with me and he answered any and all of my questions.


Bruce is very patient and thorough with me and I will continue to call on Bruce for computer service and will refer him to any of my friends.

I am a 70 year old senior, I have been married to my wife Gail for 48 years and had worked for the Victoria Times Colonist for 40 years and used computers in my career near the end. I have used my computer on a regular basis but did not really how to maintain it and I was having a lot of issues with my computer but kept putting things off until I really needed a tech

A couple of months ago I found a hand-delivered flyer in my mail box and very much liked that someone would take the time to walk a neighborhood and deliver flyers for their business as I support local businesses. I had the flyer sitting on my desk and immediately gave Bruce a call.

I told him the problems I was having with my computer and he immediately made an appointment to come to the house and check it out. Bruce was very quick to diagnose the problems and sadly told me my computer was not worth fixing but all personal data, pictures, documents could be backed up and saved.

I knew I needed a new computer so Bruce and I went to a local computer store and I was confident that Bruce would find just the right computer for my needs with a warranty for an affordable price.


Bruce set me up with a new computer and transferred all my data from my old computer to the new one. I am very satisfied with Bruce’s work and definitely knew what he was doing. I found Bruce to be very courteous, professionally, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He was more than obliging to answer any questions that I had. I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends

Theresa Scholes

As a solo business owner my work is mainly internet marketing based so when my laptop died I knew my business would suffer if I did not get it fixed fast. I immediately called Bruce for help.

 Bruce helped me guide the maze of computer parts stores and websites to pin point which part I needed for the laptop. Once the exact Sony part arrived part arrived Bruce worked tirelessly to get the laptop back to me within 24 hours and in perfect working order. If I had not got that part installed on my laptop it could have resulted in shorting out the computers motherboard and the loss of an $1100.00 computer.

Bruce also backed up all my data on the laptop and re imaged the laptop back to factory specifications, installed the best security and had the laptop back to me in a just over 1 day running as fast as when I purchased it.

I would highly recommend Bruce for all your computer servicing needs. His speed, attention to detail and availability was very impressive.

Jocelyn Palmer

My name is Joceyln and I am a single working mom with an awesome son that is the light of my day. Recently in June of this year I was on the local transit when I started a conversation with a nice man and we got on to the topic of computers. His name was Bruce Menzies of Westcoast computers and I told him that I was a single parent and without a computer at this time. Bruce did discuss and offer a laptop computer free of charge as it is his way of helping single parents, people with financial difficulties and or people with challenges

It was about 5 days later that Bruce Menzies arrived at my work, a hair salon with a very nice ASUS netbook that he then gave to me as he had promised. I had never thought a person would follow through with such a promise of a gift which has performed very well for my needs for email, facebook and getting on the internet.

Bruce and westcoast computers are a person and a company with integrity and professionalism. Bruce is as smart as they come with electronic and computers and will always recommend Bruce Menzies and to all my friends and family.

thank you Bruce for your professionalism and consideration of this new computer and he is a welcome person and business in the valley

My Name is Lynn Twardosky and  I am a retired law enforcement officer who uses the computer on a regular basis to maintain contact with friends and family, assist with my volunteer work and do a bit of research.

I met Bruce by chance at a community service organization’s picnic last year, the timing couldn’t have been better. I was experiencing a slowdown with my 7 year old computer and although having tried all the tips I could find on the internet to correct the problem, nothing was working.

I was concerned about several things; that I would be at risk of losing data, that I would need to begin the search for a new computer, that I would need to transfer files from one computer to the other, rather quickly and I didn’t know how much time I had left with my old computer.

Bruce gave me his card and said to give him a call and he would try and walk me through some steps to determine the extent of the computer slowdown. When I called, he suggested that I bring my computer over to him or he would be willing to come to my home, which ever worked best for me.

He was upfront with the cost for service which I found to be very reasonable. When I decided to change computers; he transferred my files from the old to new computer and even provided a link to a tutorial for Windows 10. What I especially like is that, not only does Bruce make himself available to answer your questions, but he talks to you at a level that is easily understood.

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